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This trip will start with a ride to the Konavle valley. After brief instructions given by the guide, we will begin to discover the region of Konavle. Passing along the area of the river, we will get to see the old mills, which represent the rich tradition of this region. Following the roads and paths along the river and farms, we will continue our journey to the villages overlooking the valley and then follow the road to the very end of the Konavle region, the village of Vitaljina.


From Vitaljina, we follow the coastal road to get back to our starting point.

A private day trip with flexible departure time.





Beautiful Dubrovnik's countryside - Konavle

Other info

Cycling distance; 60 - 80 km, elevation gain 750 m


1-2 pax EUR 240,00 total cost per trip

3 pax      EUR 115,00 per person

4 - 8 pax EUR 100,00 per person

9+ pax    EUR 90,00 EUR per person

Trip include: round transfers, guided biking tour, bikes, bottle of water. Possible add lunch at local farm/tavern EUR 30.00 per person.

Optional extra cost: hire Trek Emonda, carbon fiber road bike, group set 105,
price: EUR 15.00 per bike