Konavle hiking tour

Easy to moderate hiking tour

Konavle hiking tour



On this tour you explore the Dubrovnik countryside with small farms and picturesque villages on foot. This area, with its valley and the Ljuta River, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and cypress trees, is known as Konavle.

With its rich history and cultural monuments which date back to ancient times and the evidence of reminiscent of the difficult years of the Homeland War, the Konavle area is a region where tradition and natural beauty make a perfect setting for outdoor activities. The Konavle hiking tour begins in the small village of Gruda, from where we follow a path through the valley and along the Ljuta River. On our journey we pass by farms, vineyards and old villages.

Afterwards, we make a stop in the village of Ljuta, where the spring of the Ljuta River is located. There is also a konoba (a family restaurant where they serve traditional meals).

After lunch we go back to Dubrovnik. The ride takes about 45 minutes.


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