The Dubrovnik panorama hike

Mount Srdj and the village of Bosanka overlooking Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik panorama hike



The best way to explore Dubrovnik by hiking is to visit Mount Srđ, overlooking Dubrovnik, and the small village of Bosanka. This hiking trail follows the historical routes all the way to the Fort Imperial (cable car station) and continues down the old roads and streets back to Dubrovnik. In the past, before cars and traffic were a thing, these roads were the most important way of connecting Dubrovnik to its countryside.

This panoramic trail will give you a chance to enjoy an amazing hike, after which your efforts will be rewarded with an amazing view.

This walking trail will take you to the hills overlooking Dubrovnik. The route starts in the vicinity of the Old Town, from where we will follow the street which will take us to the area surrounding the city and to the old road which continues to the top of the hill. After the climb, we will reach the vicinity of the village of Bosanka. From there, we will follow the countryside roads to the Fort Imperial on Mount Srđ.

From the Fort Imperial, we will start our descent, following the serpentine roads back to the urban area of Dubrovnik.

Hiking distance: 8.5km

This panoramic hike is a great way to do some exercise and enjoy a history lesson, while experiencing a panoramic view of Dubrovnik, its surrounding countryside and the Croatian coastline.


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