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General Terms and conditions



Epic Croatia travel agency offers the services of mediation and booking on behalf of the provider of services and to their benefit and in this way provides accommodation and tour packages for guests in accordance with the information found on the web pages of epiccroatia.com except in the state of emergency and due to unexpected circumstances. Epic Croatia travel tries to be as specific as possible when describing their tours and trips. By paying for one or more tours and trips from our program, you assume a legal obligation towards us and you confirm that you agree with the general conditions of providing travel arrangements and services which are here presented to you. All the items from the tour package present a legal obligation both for the guest and the agency. These conditions are the basis for resolving any possible disputes that may occur between us, therefore please be sure to read them.


Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail, fax message or by coming to our office or the offices of our partner-agencies, which are authorized to sell the tours and trips we offer. When making a reservation the guest has to supply all the information required. After receiving a confirmation of the booking, we will send you a requisition form for making the advance payment. To make the reservation valid it is necessary to make the minimum advance payment in the amount of 30% of the full price. After the receipt of the advance payment, you will receive a voucher containing all the necessary information about the reservation.


For tours and other services from our offer you have to pay the remaining part of the total sum at least 21 days before the service is required. On receipt of the entire amount the agency will mail you the original Voucher to your address. You should hand in this Voucher directly at the representative of the agency upon arrival to Croatia


To pay your services you have following options:

  • By WSpay (credit card secure online payment method)
  • By bank transfer (from your bank account to ours, please be sure to cover transaction costs)
  • Credit card payment: (personally contact our agent by phone/mail and provide credit card details)
  • In cash: some services you can pay on arrival day or on a day when you purchase the service
Secure payments processing on this website is provided by WSpay. We are following the industry security standards such as PCI-DSS while dealing with sensitive customer data. All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.


Rates are quoted in EURO at the current rate of exchange and tariff as the date of your invoice. Any extra program costs, such as car, driver, guide services, entrance tickets or any other type service must be paid for at the time of purchase.


Personal Information may in certain circumstances include such information as name, address, phone number, email address, drivers license number, credit or debit card number, policy or claim information and health information. The traveller shall provide personal information as the part of travel/booking process. The travellers personal information is necessary in order to carry out the travel plan, and it shall be used for further communication. Epic Croatia d.o.o. which owns the epiccroatia.com guarantee to protect customers personal data in a way that it collects only the necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary to fulfil our obligations. All information is strictly confidential and available only to employees who need such information to perform their job. All employees of the company are responsible for respecting the policy.


Protecting client privacy and personal information is a top priority at Epic Croatia. We make significant efforts to ensure the privacy of all personally identifiable information you provide to us. User information is only collected by e-mail and not stored on hosting servers. Access to all user information is restricted. Only employees whose jobs require accessing user information are granted database access. All computers containing user information are only connected to the internet for short periods and are protected by a software firewall; Epic Croatia reviews its security procedures on an annual basis. Nonetheless, due to the internet dangers, we cannot guarantee the protection of information under our control against loss, misuse or alteration.


About cancellations: If a guest wants to cancel the services booked, this should be done in a written form (e-mail, fax or mail). The date when the agency received a written notice of cancellation is the basis for making the bill of cancellation costs in the following way:

  • 65 days + prior to trip departure: Refund of what you have paid (trip deposit) minus EUR 50,00 processing fee per person.
  • 64 - 45 days prior to trip departure: we charge 50% of your payments (trip deposit) and EUR 50 processing fee per person.
  • 44 – 31 days prior trip departure, a trip deposit is not refundable
  • 30 days before trip starts, we require trip balance
  • 30 – 10 days prior to trip departure: we charge 75% of your total payments and EUR 50 processing fee per person.
  • 9 - 0 days prior trip departure: No refund.

In case if we need to cancel the booking of the trip, we will refund you PRICE paid in advance for the trip. We do not refund bank transfer expenses or credit card fees.


Please be sure that you have valid travel insurance, our company does not provide travel insurance (but it is possible on request).
Health and Fitness: You should be in good physical health to participate in our trips, with trip confirmation you confirm that you take trip activity (cycling, hiking, or sea kayak…) at your own risk. Please discuss any health and medical questions you may have with your doctor prior to your trip and upon arrival with our representative.


  • The agency has an obligation to ensure that the services are carried out, as well as to choose a provider of services with the care of a good manager and to take care of the rights and interests of a guest in accordance with the good tradition of tourism.
  • The agency has an obligation to make sure that a guest is provided with all the services rented and thus it has a responsibility before the guest for possible failure in performing all or some of the services rented.
  • The agency does not take responsibility in case of change and failure to provide the services, which are caused by a force majeure.


A guest has to:

  • Have valid travel papers. The guest bears the responsibility for the expenses of loss or theft of documents during the travel.
  • Obey customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as those of the countries through which he or she passes on the way.
  • Observe the House Rules in the rented accommodation unit and cooperate in good faith with the providers of services.
  • On the day of arrival at the destination a guest has to pay for the rest of the sum, if not already done.
  • In case of failure to observe these obligations, a guest takes the responsibility for the ensuing expenses and he/she is liable before the agency for the damage done.
  • For every damage caused in the accommodation unit, bikes or equipment, the guest has to make up for the full price to the owner of the unit, or the owner of the equipment (bike, kayaks, vehicles).


The agency does not accept liability for damaged or lost luggage nor for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit, only during luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. A guest reports the damage or loss of luggage to the local police station.


Every guest – contractor has a right to complain in case of failure to provide the service contracted. If the rented services are only partially or unsatisfactorily executed, a guest may ask for proportional compensation by submitting a written complaint.

The agency does not take responsibility in case of change and failure to provide the services, which are caused by a force majeur, Natural disasters and extreme weather, war and acts of Government…or events that are beyond our control or outside our services. In a case of dispute, the court will be local and territorial jurisdiction, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

For all online complaints resolve your online consumer problem fairly and efficiently without going to court: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

Filing a complaint with Epic Croatia

The party has the right to submit a written complaint to Epic Croatia agency (all complaints must be addressed to the company: Epic Croatia d.o.o. putnička agencija, which is a legal representative and owner of Epic Croatia, hereinafter referred to as "the Agency") or by mail, fax or electronic mail within 8 days from the date of use of the service.

The Agency is obliged to respond to the complaint no later than 15 days from the complaint received. The Agency is obliged to keep and keep a written record of the parties' complaints at least one year from the date of receipt of the complaint.

The traveler for irregularities and complaints must first complain to the service provider (hotel, apartment and similar, travel manager, travel organizer representative or the immediate service provider) on the spot first. In the event that a complaint can be resolved on the spot and the traveler has not complained of irregularities on the spot, it is understood that the traveler agrees with the service and thereby lost the right to invest later complaints with the request to reduce the cost of the service or pay damages .

The Agency will not consider the complaint if the traveler has not provided a copy of the written complaint he has filed on the spot. If there is no improvement after the objection, the passenger must ask for a confirmation that the service was not provided or not provided as agreed. A certificate must be enclosed by the traveler in writing. The traveler is obliged to make a written complaint within 8 days after the end of the trip by e-mail to: or to the following address:

Epic Croatia d.o.o. putnička agencija (Epic Croatia)
Svetog Križ 3, 20 000 Dubrovnik

or personally by entering the branch office and by filing a written complaint with the employee of the agency. If a traveler submits a written complaint after that deadline, the Agency shall not be obliged to take such a complaint into consideration. The Agency is obliged to make a written decision on the complaint within 14 days upon the receipt of the complaint and may postpone the deadline for the complaint for an additional 14 days for the collection of information. Until the decision is taken, and no later than 14 or 28 days after the complaint has been made, the traveler irrevocably waives the mediation of any other person, arbitration of UHPA or other institutions, as well as providing information to the media. Likewise, during this time the passenger waives the right to sue. The highest amount of compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and may not include the services already used, nor the total amount of the arrangement.

The Traveler and the Agency shall endeavor to settle disputes by mutual agreement, otherwise they shall have jurisdiction over the jurisdiction of the Dubrovnik court. Relevant law will be Croatian law. According to the Tourism Services Act, a traveler may submit a proposal for solving a dispute before a notified body for alternative dispute resolution in accordance with the law governing alternative dispute resolution.

Company legality:
Epic Croatia d.o.o.
Sv. Kriza 3, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Reg. number: 98011161628
IBAN: HR5124070001100170613
OTP Bank, Zadar
Registration number: 090019859
Office manager and legal representative: Tomislav Ćorić
Official supervision:
Ministarstvo turizma, Turistička inspekcija Zagreb, Trg Republike 8/1